Huawei CEO caught utilizing foldable Huawei Mate X in airport, completely on accident

Huawei CEO Richard Yu caught utilizing foldable Mate X in the airport which to this day still not released. Rather than to hide it away he seems to be happy to hammed it up to the camera even allowing of the unknown cameraman to capture some of the close-up shots of the phone.

The pics originated on Weibo (spotted first by Gizchina) from the user with a dog as their avatar photo who seems to be the one post photos of Huawei and Honor model. The photos also surfaced right around the same time as Samsung revealed the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We’re sure this is all entirely coincidental though.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold which has nothing to do with impromptu photo session while the Huawei Mate X has an outward-facing foldable display. Samsung device shut like a book while Mate X’s screen can be seen as always exposed. The display of the Galaxy Fold might be to save the display from being crack and preserving the material. On the other hand, Huawei’s Design will put less stress on the crease line of its display.


Both phones are set to be launch in September this year. Unfortunately, Huawei Mate X will not land in the US whereas Galaxy Fold will. What do you guys think of the Huawei Mate X design?


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